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 Adding a predefined character

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PostSubject: Adding a predefined character   Sun 31 Dec - 15:33

Adding a predefined character

If there is a character that's linked to yours in your story, or just an idea you've had and you might want to play with, but don't want to play yourself, you can simply add a predefined character. Then, someone can take it and write their introduction based on the information given in this small summary. To offer a predefined character, you can use this code right underneath.

<link href="https://www.aht.li/3147773/PF_CAN.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"><!-- COULEURS NOM PRENOM(S) - GROUPE - INTITULE & CONTENU RELATIONS DIRECTEMENT MODIFIABLES --><div class="PFIICAN"><!-- CREDIT --><a class="cdtPFIICAN" href="http://crushcrushcrush.actifforum.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.aht.li/2456212/PUF.png" /></a><!-- NOM PRENOM(S) --><div class="npPFIICAN" style="background:#212121; color:white;">First name Middle name Last name- <i>available/taken</i></div><!-- INFORMATIONS - PHYSIQUE & IMAGE --><div class="abtPFIICAN"><!-- CONTENU INFORMATIONS & PHYSIQUE --><div><!-- FT -->ft. character, <b>source </b><br/><br/><!-- ETAT CIVIL --><b>Civil Status</b> : <i>Single, married, widowed etc.</i><br/><!-- PROFESSION / ETUDES --><b>Job:</b> : Job<br/><!-- SITUATION FINANCIERE --><!-- PHYSIQUE --><b>Complexion </b> : complexion<br/><b>Height</b> : in meters<br/><b>Weight</b> : in kilos<br/><b>Hair</b> : <i>color, length</i><br/><b>Eyes</b> : <i>color, shape</i><br/><b>distinctive signs</b> : <i>details</i></div><!-- IMAGE 200*320 - RECADRAGE AUTOMATIQUE --><img src="https://i62.servimg.com/u/f62/19/54/86/30/defaul10.jpg" /></div><!-- GROUPE / AGE / NATIONALITE - CARACTERE - HISTOIRE --><div class="boxPFIICAN"><!-- GROUPE --><div class="grpPFIICAN" style="background:#212121; color:white;">Group: locals/foreigners</div><!-- AGE OU DATE DE NAISSANCE --><div class="agePFIICAN">Age: in years</div><!-- NATIONALITE --><div class="fromPFIICAN">Nationality: nationality, origins</div><!-- CARACTERE - 9 ADJECTIFS --><div class="caraPFIICAN"><!-- I --><div>adjective</div><!-- II --><div>adjective</div><!-- III --><div>adjective</div><!-- IV --><div>adjective</div><!-- V --><div>adjective</div><!-- VI --><div>adjective</div><!-- VII --><div>adjective</div><!-- VIII --><div>adjective</div><!-- IX --><div>adjective</div></div><!-- HISTOIRE --><div class="storyPFIICAN">brief summary of the character's past. </div></div><!-- RELATIONS --><div class="lksPFIICAN"><!-- INTITULE --><span style="background:#212121; color:white;">potential relationships</span><!-- CONTENU - REDIMENSIONNEMENT AUTOMATIQUE DES IMAGES --><div class="RPFIICAN" style="background:#212121;"><!-- I --><div><!-- IMAGE 50*50 --><img src="https://www.aht.li/3007827/5050BW.png" /><!-- CONTENU --><b>Full name</b> - type of relationship</div><!-- II --><div><!-- IMAGE --><img src="https://www.aht.li/3007827/5050BW.png" /><!-- CONTENU --><b>Full Name</b> - type of relationship</div><!-- ADD THE RELATIONSHIP TYPE BEFORE THIS SENTENCE --></div></div></div>

It should give you something like this! Don't forget to offer an avatar too, that the player can change if they want to, after asking you about it.
First name Middle name Last name- available/taken
ft. character, source

Civil Status : Single, married, widowed etc.
Job: : Job
Complexion : complexion
Height : in meters
Weight : in kilos
Hair : color, length
Eyes : color, shape
distinctive signs : details
Group: locals/foreigners
Age: in years
Nationality: nationality, origins
brief summary of the character's past. 
potential relationships
Full name - type of relationship
Full Name - type of relationship
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Adding a predefined character
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